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Are Professional Car Services Better Than Ride-Hailing Apps?

As a customer, you have a variety of options when it comes to ride options. Recent years have seen rising competition between traditional options like car services and taxi cabs with new options from ride-hailing services like the Uber and Lyft apps among more.

Ride-hailing apps are incredibly popular, but does that mean that they’re the best option for your needs? And how do they compare to the options offered by professional car services like Prestige Limousine Service?

Are Ride-Hailing Apps Really That Popular?

In May 2016, the Pew Research Center published research revealing that 15 percent of adults in America had used a ride-hailing service. That might not sound like a lot, but it’s worth remembering that ride-hailing companies like Uber and Lyft operate primarily in urban areas instead of the suburbs and rural areas that make up most of the nation.

However, ride-hailing apps are surging in popularity around the world. According to analytics provider SimilarWeb, Uber is the most popular ride-hailing app in the world, ranking as the top app in 108 countries. Back in October 2016, Uber co-founder Travis Kalanick stated the service had 40 million monthly active riders. And over the summer, Lyft hit a new record of 14 million rides per month. We expect use of ride-hailing services to boom as they become available in more areas across the U.S., meaning they’re likely to increase in popularity.

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Why You Should Use A Professional Car Service

As our colleagues from Modern Limo Service have pointed out, there are many benefits to using a professional car service over ride-hailing apps.

For starters, car services provide you with drivers who have extensive training when it comes to dealing with hazardous conditions and customer service. You know that your driver will be able to handle any situation that might arise. Moreover, when you ride with a professional car service you’re guaranteed to travel in style with luxury vehicles. Ride-hailing apps simply offer you whatever car your driver owns, which typically isn’t the most stylish option.

But most importantly, professional car services offer you reliable and dependable service. With ride-hailing services, there’s always a chance that your driver will cancel your ride at the last minute or refuse to wait for you at your pick-up location. But a professional car service here to take you wherever you need to go, whenever you need a ride. Ride-hailing apps might be convenient options, but in the end they just can’t beat the level of quality service you’ll receive from a car service.

If you’re looking for a professional car service in the Los Angeles area, consider Prestige Limousine Service. Our skilled drivers are experts in airport transportation, business travel transportation, and more, ready to get you where you need to go with fast, reliable service. For more information, contact Prestige Limousine Service today.