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Make Prom Special With Prestige’s Private Car Service!

More than the elegant attire, handmade corsages, and fancy dinner at an expensive restaurant, Prom is about spending an unforgettable night with your closest friends. What better way to create indelible memories (and also impress your classmates) than by reserving a private Town Car, sedan, or luxury SUV for the most important event of your high school career? Don’t get stuck taking the family minivan to the dance; follow these tips from Prestige Limousine to learn more about taking a private car service to Prom, then book your Prestige Limousine Service vehicle today!

Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Private Car Service To Prom


Reserve a Town Car To Prom - Prestige Limo

Reserve Your Ride Early

Spring is a busy time for the livery industry; other schools’ proms, college graduations, and weddings often cause private car service and limousine companies to book up earlier than one might expect. To be on the safe side, we recommend looking for/reserving your private car no less than six weeks before Prom, though if you happen to be a procrastinators, don’t give up just yet – last-minute cancellations can and do occur, so if you keep coming up empty-handed, ask to be put on the company’s waiting list and you will be notified if a vehicle becomes available.

Know The Specifics When Making A Reservation

How many people are in your party? Where are the pickup and dropoff locations? Will your party need a ride to dinner before Prom? What about to the after-party? Be sure you know the answers to these and other relevant questions before you call to reserve your private car to the big dance; knowing the specifics will help your private car service company recommend the best vehicle for your needs and give you the most accurate quote possible.

Allow Time For Photo-Ops

For most, Prom is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and likely the first time many teenagers have ever worn a tuxedo or shimmering dress; photo shoots, thus, are an obligatory part of the experience. To make sure the picture-taking goes smoothly, we recommend gathering your Prom party in a scenic location – a park, perhaps, or a house with a nice garden – and allowing at least TWO HOURS for photography. If you want pictures taken in the Town Car or luxury SUV, be sure to tell your private car service company when and where to be as well.

Party On…

After Prom ends, classmates often throw get-togethers to celebrate in a less *ahem* “structured” environment; what better way to make sure you arrive to the post-party party safely (and in style) than by reserving your private car for the entire evening. Not only will this ensure that your transportation needs are met, but if anyone has to leave Prom early for any reason, your chauffeur will be waiting to escort you, your date, or your friends to your next destination.

…But Do So Responsibly

Though your driver will do his best to make sure everyone abides by the private car service company’s rules – no smoking, no drinking, no destruction of private property – his primary responsibility will be getting you to your destination safely, not babysitting. To minimize distractions and protect yourself against penalties or fines for underaged drinking, be sure your group understands and abides by the rules. Why risk ruining your night before it even begins? Play it safe; don’t bring illegal substances or friends of questionable integrity with you to Prom.

Reserve a Town Car To Prom - Prestige Limo

Make Prom Even More Memorable With A Private Town Car From Prestige Limo